PPC Ads Spy is one of the most advanced Google Ads data compilers available. With PPC Ads Spy we can:

  • Find out who your competitors are in Google Ads.
  • Find out how often your competitors advertise.
  • See their Real Ads showing for each keyword.
  • See their websites and landing pages.
  • Collect all the advertisers running ads in any niche.
  • Review the top ads from the key competitors in your market.
  • And so much more.
  • Real Time Google Ads Intelligence

Additional Information included in every report:

  • Google Search Keyword Data
  • Google Search Ads Actual Competitor Ads
  • Google Search Ads Competitors Ad Schedules
  • Google Search Ads Competitor Landing Pages and Websites
  • Google Ads Competitors Contact information
  • Google Search Ads Local Search Ads Data
  • Google Shopping Ads Data
  • Related Search Terms Data
  • Both Desktop and Mobile Device Data
  • Google Business 3-Pack Data
  • Competitors Online Review Data
  • Competitors Google Ads Extensions Usage
  • Local and National results available in any niche
  • Get up to 10x the Information than our Competitors

Stay Abreast with all changes by getting:

New Competitor Alerts

New Ad Copy Alerts

Everything your PPC Marketing team needs to compete in Google Ads.

Comes with Advanced Filtering Capabilities to Find Only the Information You want to Use.

Subscriptions are based on Credits.  1 credit = 1 Keyword x 1 time /day x 1 Location.

A standard running of the software would be for 5 keywords with ads checked 6 times /day at 1 Location.  5x6x1 = 30 credits used.  Software is Run for You. Subscriber will get to log into the software to see the results 24/7.

Payment Options

7 Day Free Trial

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